An Answered Prayer

Because I’m such a picky eater, I’m always nervous when I’m invited to dinner or a catered party. This event was no different; it was my husband’s staff Christmas party. I prayed on the way, “Lord, please let them have something there I can eat. I’m hungry.” You see, our day was full of running errands and laundry, with little time to eat so you can imagine this was a serious prayer.

We arrived at the party and sure enough, it’s time to eat and my options are few. Because I nurse baby Ezra that also puts a limit to what this mama can eat. So with very little on my plate, I lean over to my husband and say, “You owe me chick-fil-a”. He smiled and agreed. As Christmas carols were being sung, I changed the words to “chick-fil-a” because the hunger in my belly was real (you nursing mamas know what I’m talking about)! 

The night was coming to a close, but there was one more task. A game that involved white elephant gifts and a poem. The instructions were as followed: When in the poem you hear the word “right”, pass your gift to the right. And when you hear the word “left”, pass your gift to the left. It was the most fun game I had ever played with white elephant gifts. Anticipating the gift I would receive, I forgot I was hungry hahah!

There was a big bag and I just knew I wanted that one, but sure enough “left” was said just enough times to ensure I did not get that big bagged gift. Instead I was left with what seemed to be the smallest box in the room. “Boooo” was the thought I had in mind, but to my surprise when I opened that red, green and white Christmas box there was a gift card that became an answered prayer…

It was a $10 gift card to Chick-fil-a!! 

But it gets even better! My husband, Zachary, who’s sitting to my left, opened the smallest bag in the room, also received a $10 gift card to Chick-fil-a!! Now we could eat together and I wouldn’t have to share (he knows what I’m talking about lol). 

How cool was that?! We laughed so hard and Zach said, “ Look at God!” Haha

How many times has God answered our prayers, but we overlook it because it wasn’t delivered in the packaging we expected? 

What a loving Father He is to answer us and make sure we get not just what we need, but also what we want.

Thankful for the reminder in such a funny way!


Trust God

Today God used my 2 month old Ezra to demonstrate a lesson I’m still learning.

It was time for Ezra to have a bottle before his daily nap. Anytime I give Ezra a bottle, I stop feeding him after he’s had 2 oz to burp him. This isn’t anything knew BUT to him it’s the end of the world and he’s starving (what I perceive by his screaming and crying lol).
While I’m patting his back, waiting for a burp, whether big or small, Ezra was NOT happy to say the least. But being his loving mother, I talk to him. As I was trying to sooth him with my words, I found myself saying what I believe our Heavenly Father was wanting to say to me about a situation I find myself not understanding. My words were just this, “Ezra, I know you don’t understand what I’m doing, but I love you very much and I don’t want to give you too much milk at one time; it won’t be good for you. I know how much to give you, so you just have to wait. I promise I’m going to feed you, I’m your mama, I won’t let you starve.”
(Yes, I said all of that to my baby lol)
I proceed to give him the rest of his bottle. With a full tummy he looks at me with contentment and as I rock him he falls asleep.

Y’all! How many times have we asked God for something we know we need and we know He knows we need?!?! How many times have we cried and screamed when we didn’t understand what God was doing or when we didn’t get what we wanted right away? All the while our Father talks to us (in different ways) letting us know it’s going to be more than ok and He will provide what we need in His time.
You see, as we grow in Christ we must come to a point where we fully trust and know the love our Father has for us, even when we don’t understand all that’s taking place behind the scenes or even what the full purpose is. I mean after all we are His children! We just have to be a bit uncomfortable with not knowing exactly when He will deliver that promise of meeting our need BUT be completely comfortable knowing HE WILL DELIVER because HE IS FAITHFUL and HE is ALWAYS ON TIME!

Be Encouraged. Trust God.

“If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”-Luke 11:13 ESV

“But if God so clothes the grass, which is alive in the field today, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will he clothe you, O you of little faith!”-Luke 12:28 ESV

Catching Up!

Wow! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun…or when you’re just not watching the clock lol. Since my last blog (must read), I have in fact had a baby (hahah life is funny). Zara Symphony-Grace will be 7 months this week and she makes my world go ’round. I never knew a love like this before, nor have I even been so sleep deprived (ha!).

It’s so crazy to think that I am a mom… although I dreamed of it most of my life, to see it actually happen is like WHOA! It makes me wanna keep on dreaming and asking God for big things because I truly believe He wants to give me the desires of my  heart. I mean after all, HE is MY DELIGHT!

There’s so much to share when it comes to this desire of motherhood being fulfilled, so in my next blog, I will walk you through where it started. I’ll even give you a hint: Frisco, Colorado

For now, I’m going to make the wise decision to sleep while my baby girl is sleeping! She’s currently teething and going through a growth spurt, which means her sleeping pattern is unpredictable….


A Year Ago….

Since I’ve been married (almost 6 months now), I have loss count of how many people have asked me, “Are you expecting?” “When are you gonna have a baby?”, or something else along the lines of me having a baby….”because your married now”. I’ve been pretty reasonable in my responses to people and I’ve tried to just ignore the different ways I’ve been approached about it. Well today I’ve had exactly enough. I had a woman approach me and ask me, “Did you have your baby already?” To which, “I replied what baby?” She then proceeded to say to me, “I’ve seen you every Sunday and your belly looked big and round so I could have sworn you were expecting.” 😑 seriously? 

Aside from this person being clearly delusional, I’d have to say that is one of the most disrespectful approaches to what I stated in the beginning of this post. It’s 2016 people we should know by now (I know it’s a bit of a stretch though) NOT TO ASK OR ASSUME THAT A WOMAN IS PREGNANT!! 

Unless it is announced or made your business, please make it your business to stay out of mine! You never know what a person is going through and it is beyond disrespectful to project your ideas of what another persons married life should consist of and when. 

I may never have a baby for whatever reasons life could bring or what my husband and I may decide, so before anyone thinks to say things of this nature to any other woman or myself again, for God’s sake think before you speak! And no I did not slap this woman or cuss her out….I was in church…and I’m not a violent person. Did I think about it, absolutely. Jesus saves and I’m a living witness🙌



My Delight

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”-Psalm 37:4 ESV

“To delight in someone means to experience great pleasure and joy in his or her presence. This happens only when we know that person well. Knowing how much Our Father in Heaven loves us will indeed give us delight.”

The more time you spend with someone you begin to learn so much about them; from their smallest details to their biggest dreams.
As I walk this journey of understanding what it truly means to delight in The Lord, I’m learning that because I love Him I want to be like Him, talk like Him, love like Him and give like Him. I’ve heard it said, “You are the company you keep.” And I’ve found that your life speaks volumes of who you hang around and give most of your time and attention to. So in knowing this I’ve become even more intentional in my personal relationships/friendships
Delighting in The Lord and soaking in all that He is continues to change my heart; His will and way is what my soul longs for.
He is My Delight

The Best is Yet to Come!

It’s January 3, 2016! Wow, what a sentence lol
So many ups and downs in the last year. I’m grateful to say it’s by God’s goodness and grace that I’m still here! The 2015 year ended with me marrying the man of my dreams (The One), and releasing my first EP “My Delight” on Christmas Day! I’ve learned so much and I can truly say I wouldn’t change a thing of what I went through to learn what I know now and have the strength that I’ve gained in such lessons. To God be the glory!
2016 will be a year of abundance in
God’s favor, anointing, love, joy, relationships, vision and fulfillment of dreams! The best is yet to come!!

The One (continued)

As I waited for Zach to show up to my house, I remember being excited to meet him because I had been needing someone who was better than myself to play guitar on my EP and I really liked his voice and so all these creative ideas started to flow…
But when Zach pulled up to my house, grabbed his guitar out of his car, turned around and looked at me straight in my eyes, I KNEW with every ounce of my being that he was THE ONE I asked God about! I heard a still small voice whisper “That’s him”. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! When I say I played it cool, y’all would have thought the melatonin had kicked in hahaha!  I welcomed Zachary into my home and for the next 4hrs we played guitar, sang and talked like we’d known each other our whole lives; we shared our hopes and dreams and even recent hurts.
We both had to work the next day, so we wrapped up our conversation and set time to meet again the following week. When Zach left, I prayed! Lord, you told me, now you have to tell him!! In NO way am I gonna get in the way of what you (God) spoke, soooo yea, please make it clear to him ’cause I’m not saying a word!

We spent next few weeks (Tuesday’s) practicing music and getting to know each other a little better. The week of the 4th of July (my fav holiday after my Birthday and Christmas lol) Zach invited me to a swim party on Friday and to watch fireworks with a group of friends downtown for the 4th. Of course I accepted his invitation. We spent the weekend with friends and I had the most fun…the most fun I’ve had in a while honestly. Standing in line waiting for food and fireworks when we began to plan a road trip that would allow us to stop at different venues to do open mic nights and see the west coast. The longer we stood and talked about this grand plan, I couldn’t help but wonder if he had heard from the Lord yet. I patiently waited in that line, just as I patiently waited for him to get a clue (if he didn’t already have one). The fireworks show came and went and the holiday weekend was over. Interested to see where things would go from there I kept my cool and enjoyed being friends with THE ONE.

The One

“Nobody Love” by Tori Kelly was the song that started it all. Zach made a comment on the video I posted of Tori singing and I didn’t exactly agree with his comment and anyone who knows me knows I made it clear that I didn’t agree lol. After defending the singer/songwriter I went on to look at Zach’s Facebook page trying to figure out where he got his nerve (because Facebook tells you the absolute truth about everyone….*sarcasm*). Browsing through his fb info I noticed a link to his music website, which of course caught my attention. I took time to listen to his songs and was instantly interested in collaborating with him. Soooo I messaged him and asked him if he’d ever worked with any other artists on their album or if that’s something he’d be interested in because I was working on my first EP and wanted an additional guitar player. Zachary was of course interested and suggested that he come over to my house so we could practice my songs and I could get a better idea of how we’d sound together. Considering I had taken melatonin and was already in my pjs I had no intentions of leaving my house or having anyone over but he said he could come over that evening if I were up for it. Ummm…well…hmmm…I hesitated but informed him that I wasn’t dressing to impress and that he was welcome to come over but I wasn’t leavings house. He said he’d be there in 15min (homeboy wasn’t playing lol). Little did I know THE ONE I had been waiting for would soon show up to play music with me.

To be continued…

The Waiting

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across an acquaintances post about here marriage adventure (what I like to call it). I was taking a break from work, so I took the time to listen to her story and hear her heart. As I listened to what was being shared, I began to realize that I wasn’t alone in the way I viewed dating and where God had called me to be at that point in my life. SOooooo past/over American dating, I was content with waiting for THE ONE. After I watched my friend’s video what happened next…well I wasn’t exactly prepared for it. The written part of her blog showed their wedding date, but what I read was September 2015, which had me confused because they were already married (September 2012). Immediately I knew the meaning of what I saw and in that moment I felt The Lord touch my belly as though he had planted something in me and I just began to weep. Not like a “oh that’s cute” kinda weep…more like an “I need to go hide in the bathroom cause this is gonna be an ugly cry” lol. But for real, I found myself crying uncontrollably in the bathroom stall of my workplace.  As I was crying The Lord began to show me just what he had planted in my heart that day. Finally I had to ask HIM “Who in the world could you possibly have in mind?” I had no prospects and there was absolutely no one back at home or that I grew up with that I would ever consider or think of so…who?? All the while I had been crying like a baby, another lady had been in the restroom and started to leave, but came back and asked me if I were ok. As much as I could say, I let her know I was fine. She then said,  “Ma’am I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m praying for you”. Those simple words brought so much peace to my heart. Overwhelmed with what I knew The Lord spoke to me that day, I did my best to not figure out who, where, how or exactly when….I just waited.

And We’re Back! PART 1

Hello world! It’s been quite some time now since I’ve last blogged and my, oh my, has SO much happened since then….
Quick rundown: I had just moved back to Missouri, from Austin, TX after being away for 3 years (with the intention of being gone for a 10 month internship); took a month off from EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING! I didn’t work, talk to anyone from ATX or from home and just slept, cried and slept some more. Once I was done with disconnecting with where I had just come from, I decided to jump into the real world again and started working and schooling after only taking a month off…probably should have taken more time, BUT ya live and you learn right? Seeing that I didn’t want to leave Austin to begin with I began to try and figure out how to get back ASAP! During my time in Missouri, I had the chance to just hang out with my family and JUST BE, which I loved….for the most part. I dated the man of my DREAMS, an Italian Stallion, whom I prayed for, but after 5 months I realized what I “wanted” wasn’t necessarily what I “needed”. After a not so great ending to that relationship, I buried myself in work and school. I had just started a new job after being fired from the one I had gone back to when I moved back to Missouri and was only weeks away from my last CDA class; things started to get better-GOD KNOWS I NEEDED IT TO GET BETTER! With Austin, TX still on my mind, moving back to the GREAT STATE was in the works. What seemed like forever, in reality had only been 1 year and 9 months of being prepared for a come back! I moved out of my apartment and in with family! Talk about motivation hahahah I was SO ready to back on Texas soil! And just like that within a month I received an email with a date and time for an interview here in ATX, packed my car and left 3 days before the scheduled interview time.

To be continued….